All of us whom choose Sydney as our Australian destination, we know that here, the beaches are paradisiac, and that is one of the reasons why we choose this incredible city for our experience.

This is the ultimate guide to visit the beaches with the best views in Sydney, those that you can’t miss out!


This one, is my favorite. Located in the south of Sydney CBD, one of the widest beaches close to the city, which makes it the windiest. The surfer’s favorite beach. In the north of Maroubra you can find Mahon Pool. A natural pool, where you can swim surrounded by different fish species. Just in front of it, crossing the street, in a corner

you can find a café with a peculiar decoration called “Pool Café”. Personally, I enjoy ordering a fruit juice to take away and walk throughout Maroubra’s coast.


The lovely Manly is in North Sydney. To get there, I recommend taking the ferry from Circular Quay. It is a nice outgoing since the ferry’s route passes by just next to the Opera House, and you see from a great spot the Harbour Bridge and it’s just 20 minutes from Circular Quay to Manly. The perfect plan for a sunny Sunday, just for 2.80 dollys while Mondays to Fridays the ferry ticket can cost from 7 to 11 dollars. Also, going by car is very pleasant, just half an hour from Sydney CBD, and the route sends you just above the Harbour Bridge, which is incredible, and you can observe its structure. Once there, you’ll get to find a wide variety of places to have lunch or dinner, in front of the beach. Plus, there are clothes stores, and on Sunday usually, there is a market in the main street, full of craftworks, rocks, jewelry, home decor, etc.

Milk Beach

Situated at the base of Hermit Bay within the Sydney Harbour National Park, Milk Beach is a small isolated beach surrounded by the Heritage-listed Strickland House. Offering a breathtaking view of Sydney, Milk Beach is one of Sydney's Eastern Suburbs well-kept secrets. Access to Milk Beach is limited, however, it can be accessed via Public Transport, boat or limited off-street parking is available. There is plenty to do when visiting Milk Beach, from fishing and snorkeling to family picnics under the awning or a walk along the Hermitage Foreshore.


You can find it on the Bondi to Coogee beach Trail just next to Bondi Beach. What I love about Tamarama is that being just next to Bondi, is much quieter while Bondi tends to be more crowded. It is smaller, yes, but also has space on the rocks. Personally, on summer I enjoy of taking a container with fruits and lay down on a rock

and get a tan. You will see lots of surfers, they love Tamarama’s waves and occasionally, you’ll see helicopters checking out shark’s presence close to the shore. Welcome to the Aussie Life!

Bronte Beach

Bronte happens to be another of my favourite beaches in Sydney. It is one of the stops in the Bondi to Coogee coastal walk. This one, is a smaller beach compared to the others, but as dreamed as the others. Behind the sand, there is a big grass space with barbeques and there is a natural pool too. Bronte’s main avenue, just next to the beach, counts with some cafes, restaurant 3 minutes away walking. Among these cafes, there is specifically a Brazilian café called “Bronte Belo” with delicious food. Sit in the outside tables and enjoy the ocean view. Also, in summer nights, you can go and enjoy a tasty dinner under the light of the moon, accompanied by the warm breeze.


This one, no doubts at all, is the most beautiful beach in the south of Sydney. Is not the most popular due to is located one hour by train away from the CBD but let me tell how worthy it is to visit it. It is an ideal place to spend the entire day. Cronulla’s waves attract surfers, it is one of the best places to do surf. There are tons of beautiful beaches among Cronulla to visit, some of them even accept dogs. This is an important tip since most Sydney beaches doesn’t accept dogs on them… I know, what have they done to deserve it?! Cronulla is in an “Aussie” neighborhood compared to Bondi, Bronte, or Maroubra that are popular areas and mainly populated by tourists or international students. So, over there, in the cafes and stores, you’ll get to appreciate the Australian culture.

Bondi Beach

And the last one, to give an end to the blog, I chose Bondi. Why? Because it is the most famous, the favorite almost everyone. While walking on Bondi, you are going to ask yourself if you are actually in Australia, because most of the languages you overhear are Spanish or portuguese.

An ideal plan for a nice morning in Bondi, it is to get an açai bowl and watch the sunrise seating on the sand. Anyways, this is just what I like to do, but actually in Bondi is the where the Bondi to Coogee beach trail starts, you can’t miss it out! Take some comfy shoes, a bottle of water, some earphones and you are ready to go.

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