Australia is home to several universities that attract many international students worldwide. As most of us know, Australia not only meets the standards of education but also has a very high rating for social inclusion in the population. That shows that education is designed in Australia to generate quality of lifestyle, employment, and student community. Listed below are the seven best universities in Australia you can think of to Plan for Your Future!

University of Melbourne

The University of Melbourne is a public research university based in Melbourne. Founded in 1853, it is Australia’s second oldest. Four Australian prime ministers, five governors-general, and ten Nobel Laureates have been students at the University of Melbourne. The University of Melbourne is one of the best universities in Australia due to its research department and its contribution to engineering, social science, and science. With incredible facilities such as libraries, sports fields, laboratories, and everything you need to make your university life exciting.

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University of Sydney

It is the first university in Australia and is considered one of the best leading universities in the world. This university has affiliated with Nobel laureates, prime ministers, and governors. It is also considered worldwide as one of the best universities with the best campus. There are also about 50 research centers and institutes attached to the university with specialized disciplines within the sciences and medicine. TH university has the largest university library in Australia.

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RMIT University (Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology)

Founded in 1887, RMIT University has always recognized for being strong in the areas of design, technology, art, engineering, and journalism. RMIT is 51-100 within the world ranking. The campus is in the center of Melbourne city with contemporary architecture Victorian. The university usually has events, festivals, markets, and parties in all RMIT’s campuses.

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Monash University

Monash University is an Australian public university. It is the largest in Australia in terms of students with approximately 55,000 students. With campuses in Australia, Malaysia, and South Africa. The university obtained more than AU $50 million in medical research grants awarded by the National Health Research Council (NHMRC). The university is home to the Monash Science Technology Research and Innovation Precinct (STRIP), the Australian Stem Cell Research Center, 100 research centers from different disciplines, and 17 cooperative research centers.

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Southern Cross University

Founded in 1994, Southern Cross University is a public higher education located in Lismore city. Southern Cross offers courses and programs leading to officially recognized higher education degrees such as pre-bachelor’s degrees, bachelor’s, master’s degrees, doctorate degrees in several areas of study.

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University of Adelaide

The University of Adelaide is a public university located in Adelaide. The university has had an impact on the public life of South Australia is leading businesspeople, lawyers, medical professionals, and politicians. The university is associated with five Nobel laureates and 110 Rhodes Scholars and also associated with any notable achievements discoveries, such as the discovery and development of penicillin, the development of space exploration, sunscreen, the military tank, Wi-Fi, polymer banknotes, and X-ray crystallography.

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Central Queensland University

Central Queensland University is a public higher education institution located in the rural setting of North Rockhampton. This institution also has branch campuses in the following locations: Mackay, Gladstone, Emerald, Bundaberg, Sunshine Coast, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sydney, Melbourne, Fiji, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Shanghai (CN). Central Queensland University (CQU) offers courses and programs officially higher education degrees, masters, and doctorate degrees in several areas of study.

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