In case you didn’t know, there is a list of professions in Australia, that if you study any of them here, you might get a Permanent Residence. ???? Why is that? Because Australia needs more people in those specific fields. One of those professions in the list is chef! How cool is that?! Here I will mention step by step to make sure you can get your PR and stay as long as you want in Australia with a full rights visa. ????

???? STEP 1 – Choose your provider.

We will help you to find a provider that suits you. There are a lot of options to study Cookery in Australia. In order to get Permanent Residence, you need to study Certificate IV in Cookery and Diploma of Hospitality Management, with a duration of a total of 2 years. By studying Certificate III, you will get the Cook title, whilst by studying Certificate IV you will get the Chef title. This is the reason why we recommend studying both Certificate III and IV, so you will obtain a double profession. Also, the Medium to Long Term Strategic Skills List (MLTSSL) could take one of those professions off the list, and you will still have one more option for Permanent Residence Visa. We really recommend studying both!

Classes are twice a week generally. In case you didn’t know, while you are on a student visa you are only allowed to work 40 hours every fortnight, but there are only a few colleges that if you choose them, even in a student visa, you can work full time! Which is amazing and really useful when it comes to paying your studies and daily expenses.

???? STEP 2 – Commence your studies and make sure you are the best!

Once you have chosen your provider and course, make sure you attend classes and take the best out of them!

Whilst you study, you will have to complete 360 hours of work placement. This means, you will have to find a job in a kitchen and put your skills to practice.  This experience will make you learn a lot while you get paid for doing what you like! In case of not being able to find a job, the school will help you to find one. It is a must to complete the 360 hours of work placement if in the future you want to apply for a Permanent Residence visa.

???? STEP 3 – Start the Job Ready Program which consists of 4 phases:

✅ Phase 1 – Skill Assessment

Once you completed your studies and the 360 hours of work placement, you can request for the completion letter of your course, and then you will have to start the Job Ready Program which consists of 4 phases: The purpose of the Skill Assessment is to verify the authenticity of your Australian qualification and any previous employment and/or vocational placement you have undertaken in an Australian workplace. A successful Skill Assessment outcome is required before you can apply for a Temporary Graduate Visa (485 Visa).

To be eligible for a Temporary Graduate visa (subclass 485)  you must have nominated an occupation that is on the Medium to Long Term Strategic Skills List (MLTSSL). All occupations on the MLTSSL have a relevant skill assessing authority. 

Once you get a positive result of your skill assessment, you are ready to apply to Temporary Graduate visa (subclass 485) which will provide you with 1.5 years of unrestricted work rights visa.

✅ Phase 2 – Job Ready Employment (JRE)

The purpose of JRE is to enable you to gain experience in an Australian workplace to further develop skills relevant to your occupation.

To be eligible to apply for JRE, you must:

➢ Have a successful  Skill Assessment outcome (phase 1)

➢ Hold, or have applied to the Department of Home Affairs for, a visa that has unrestricted work rights and provides sufficient time for you to complete the steps (485 visa)

➢ Have secured eligible employment* in the same (or closely related) occupation to that assessed during your Skill Assessment.

*This phase requires you to complete 1725 hours of paid employment over a minimum of 12 months from your JRE start date. 

✅ Phase 3 – Job Ready work placement Assessment (JRWA)

The purpose of the Job Ready work placement Assessment is to assess your ability to work at the required skill level for your occupation in an Australian workplace.

To be eligible for a JRWA, you must:

➢ Provide evidence of paid employment in your occupation for at least 863 hours over a minimum of six months from your JRE start date.

➢ Provide acceptable Skills Progress Report, Employment Verification Report and any other required evidence confirming you are performing the expected tasks and duties to a suitable standard for your occupation.

➢ Have your employer sign your Employment Verification Report and confirm they agree to the assessment being conducted at your workplace.

✅ Phase 4 – Job Ready Final Assessment (JRFA)

The purpose of this is to formally recognize your completion of the Job Ready Program (all phases included).

A successful JRFA provides you with a skills assessment outcome, which can be used to support an application to the Department of Home Affairs for a skilled migration visa (Permanent Residence)


To be eligible to apply for a JRFA, you must:

???? Have a successful Job Ready Workplace Assessment (JRWA) outcome

➢ Have completed the employment requirements of Job Ready Employment (JRE) by providing evidence of paid employment in your occupation for at least 1725 hours over a minimum of 12 months from your JRE start date.

???? STEP 4 – Get your points together

Once completed the 4 phases of the job ready program, it all comes to a system of points.

Everything you have done in Australia will give you points, such as: your work experience, your studies, your age, English exams, and others. Summing up all these points together is what is going to make you able to apply to your PR. Keep in mind that if you study in a regional area in Australia, you’ll get extra points.

Do not worry now about this last step since we will help you and advise you all the way through your journey.

You will count with full support from all our professional and qualified team ????✅✅

If this is your dream study, and would like to stay in Australia indefinitely, this is the best choice for you!

Message us to start your next big adventure!

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