We are living in a worldwide situation which is leaving us a great lesson. Today we want to motivate you to start looking for excellence and don’t give up. We also want to encourage you not to stop your plans and your dreams. On the contrary, it is time to dream big and take every step that is necessary to fulfill your plans for the future.   The main thing you need to do to go the extra mile is simple: Do Extra.

We always focus on what we have to do and we don’t go any further, the only way to go that extra mile will be giving more of us to finish any task with excellence. A spirit of excellence will always be characterized by that minimal extra effort that doesn’t seem to make a difference but is the cherry on 

the cake! If we want to be extraordinary, we must be willing to walk the extra mile that the road has for us.

We want to give you 3 essential attitudes with which you can start going that extra mile and change from ordinary to extraordinary!

1. Focus: We must learn to control the distractions around us. The day to day brings us many anxieties that distract us and blur us. It is important to give the importance that your dreams deserve. And the only way to do that will be by focusing on what you really want to achieve and making it a bulletproof priority.

– A tip for this point is: Control your mind. You are the only one who has the power to control your priorities. Put your focus on the goal or goals you want to achieve. And always, add something else!

2. Passion: When you love what you do it shows! Passion is that engine that drives you to achieve your most desired goals. Today we want you to see your passion as a force much greater than stress and fatigue.

– A tip for this point is: Ask yourself, what are you passionate about? Write what you are passionate about and make it your most powerful accelerator!

3. Commitment: When you are willing to do what it takes to focus and fulfill that dream that you are so passionate about, you must include commitment and discipline. Without this attitude, it will be very difficult to meet your goals. Commitment is what will make your goals come true because you will create an outline of tasks to which you will put a date and you will be focused working on them as your priority.

– A tip for this point is: Ask yourself: What are you committed to? We want to encourage you to study what you have always wanted, to live that experience that you have always dreamed of. We want you to challenge yourself and seek excellence in your day today.

If one of your dreams is to study and live in Australia, what are you waiting for to focus with passion and commitment to go this extra mile? We will be here to help you live a passionate and extraordinary life. 

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