The 21st century is the golden era for technology and its development. New technologies are evolving daily in the blink of an eye. Technologies are making our life easier and less time-consuming. Today we so much rely on technology that if someone asks for our address we might give them our IP address and tell them, I live on a computer.

Technology is always moving forward with time. A global pandemic is at its peak in our world and it is making us sick and helpless. No breakthrough is achieved until today. People are losing jobs, money, houses, and even lives. But this time has proven that information technology is the safest way to run the world. People under information technology are still doing their job from home. Innovations are appearing day by day that helps people stay at home, do their job, and stay away from the pandemic.

Take help from IT, learn IT, be an IT, and develop IT. Most of the billionaires in the world are related to the IT field. Everyone knows Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, Jack Ma. They all decided to work under IT now everyone recognizes them as tech billionaires. They didn’t start the system of IT, but they innovated and upgraded it.

The 21st century is incomplete without IT. IT is expanding every day by touching everything in the world today. That’s why career opportunities in IT are also expanding. Yesterday IT was limited in the paper but today IT has set its limit to the sky and high.

IT requires a constant flow of data, a set of software to process the data, and a secure platform and network to communicate the data. This process requires 3 different fields and specializations. Some specialization in the IT field can be

and many more.

Now the question is, time is ticking, technology is developing, So when are you?

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