How does it feels when you have ideas that can execute these ideas into an action plan? It is like having a power. It might feel like having a superpower to awake imagination and make it alive. But how can you acquire such amazing powers in your mind, and what are the benefits?

The feeling we are talking about can be jaw-dropping for an ordinary person, but for an engineer, it’s a daily routine. Engineers are the store of arts which is often visited by greater minds seeking a way to make this world a better place to live. In the end, everybody needs a superhero to save the world.

Being an engineer is not just about building things and calculating the consequences. It is like developing a mindset that can see ideas as the way they are meant to be seen. What we engineers do is deconstruct an idea to reconstruct it. An idea carries a system in itself, a larger system. We breakdown the larger system into its microscopic level. Every level is connected with each other to build a system. But the system is broken and invisible to a layman. Now we come in action to find out the link between these levels and connect each other to form an effective operating system and making everyone relaxed. This mindset of an engineer can help to solve every other problem, and that’s why engineers always win.

An artifact, at first, is born as a blueprint before it comes to shape. Engineers are like the blueprints of a society. Whenever a person chooses to engineer for a career, s/he is choosing to be a new map to the society so that people can find an easy way to their home. From making a needle to building a spaceship, there is always one question in people’s minds, who did it? And the answer is an engineer.

Clayton Anderson is an American engineer who received a master of science degree in aerospace engineering in 1983. After 15 years of dedication as an engineer at NASA, he was finally selected in 1998 NASA Group to go to the International Space Station. People dreams, engineers make it happen, for themselves and the dreamers. Anderson spent 166 days 21 hours and 10 minutes in space. The outcome of engineering is euphoric.

Engineering is not about only building things and going into space someday. It is from building things today to going into space tomorrow. It is an endless river of knowledge and possibilities. Engineering is a tree with so many branches that produces different kinds of fruits in a single tree. In fact, there are more than 40 different types of engineering degrees. A single tree and 40 different kinds of fruits. How fruitful is that? In other words, there are 40 different paths you can choose to make the world a better place for all.

Sometimes it feels like peoples are obsessed with engineers. Out of ten parents, one of them look at their newly born child and definitely tells that, I hope my child will be an engineer. Why is that? The answer is within every one of us. Let us take a moment to think about an engineer we know and try to remember how we treat them and what position they hold in our society. The first thing that pops up in our mind is respect towards them and their work. A lot of respect, emotionally and financially.

Engineers innovate and we enjoy it. They pave the path we travel to the moon. They are the pride of the nation.

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