Eat, Travel, Sleep, and Enjoy.

Traveling and exploring new cuisines has become a routine lately. Every people has a bucket list full of new destinations. We work hard just to checkmark the list. Every age group has different kinds of preferences and expectations. The art of meeting all of their expectations by providing good food and warm shelter is called the art of culinary and hospitality.

Culinary and hospitality are different terms in nature but they are related by work. Culinary art is the skill of the chef. From cutting a vegetable to plating a portion of food, a chef must acquire proper knowledge of culinary which includes techniques to cook and handle kitchen utensils. Whereas hospitality means the overall service provided by a hotel. It includes food, shelter, and the behavior of the service provider.

Increasing travelers have increased the possibilities of hospitality. People are applying different kinds of strategies to attract targeted travelers. There are 7-star hotels in plain lands and a simple homestay in geographically challenging areas. However, both of them have the same motive to attract travelers, provide them a good and healthy service, and even make them stay longer. 

Good food is a good mood. Now imagine a good food, good place, and great people with pleasant service. You will almost forget your sweet home. This is what professional hospitality management looks like. To be a good chef, one should be passionate about cooking and should be familiar with different kinds of tounges. After entering a delightful premise a person thinks that the food must be good here. Proper hospitality has already gained trust in their food before it is served. The challenge is to meet that customer’s expectation so the food must be good at any cost.

To be a great hospitality manager one should get a degree in the hospitality management course. Some of them are hotel management, travel, and tourism, restaurant management, etc. The manager always works on the business side of an entity. So they must be motivated, good communicator, decision-maker, staffing skills, marketing skills, cost control, and operational skills. These skills can be learned by going to a good hospitality management college or university.

Whereas, to be a good chef, s/he should be familiar with his/her passion. Customers have different tastes so making food all day and expecting people to like it all could be energy-sucking. So passion matters the most in cooking. Also, you have to learn like hospitality management. A good chef should have proper knife skills, kitchen organizing skills, principles of cooking and baking, and a proper sense of sanitation.

If you feel like cooking, serving, and hosting is awesome, it is time to turn your passion into a hospitality management career.

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