Todo lo que debes saber sobre tu seguro médico en AUSTRALIA!

Si estás pensando en estudiar y trabajar en Australia, debes saber que el gobierno Australiano exige un seguro médico internacional para estudiantes (OSHC) desde el primer día que ingreses al país. Lo bueno es que no debes preocuparte ya que aquí te explicaremos todo lo que debes saber antes de obtener tu seguro médico.  ¿Qué […]

Benefits of a Student Visa

By studying in Australia, whether it is English language courses, vocational courses, or higher education studies, you will always get a certificate. This means you can add it to your resume and by the time you want to look for a job in your home country, this qualification will be strongly valuable. By living in […]

Study Cookery as a Permanent Residence Pathway!

In case you didn’t know, there is a list of professions in Australia, that if you study any of them here, you might get a Permanent Residence. ???? Why is that? Because Australia needs more people in those specific fields. One of those professions in the list is chef! How cool is that?! Here I […]

Top 7 Australian University Ranking

Australia is home to several universities that attract many international students worldwide. As most of us know, Australia not only meets the standards of education but also has a very high rating for social inclusion in the population. That shows that education is designed in Australia to generate quality of lifestyle, employment, and student community. […]

Your Ultimate Guide to Sydney Best Beaches

All of us whom choose Sydney as our Australian destination, we know that here, the beaches are paradisiac, and that is one of the reasons why we choose this incredible city for our experience. This is the ultimate guide to visit the beaches with the best views in Sydney, those that you can’t miss out! […]

Art, Brain and Creativity!

A group of Dutch scientists determines that telling someone that an image is a work of art automatically changes their response on a neuronal and behavioral level. This is because we have an innate ability capable of generating form and meaning to the information that comes to us. Variables such as knowledge, meaning, experience, context, […]

How to go the Extra Mile?

We are living in a worldwide situation which is leaving us a great lesson. Today we want to motivate you to start looking for excellence and don’t give up. We also want to encourage you not to stop your plans and your dreams. On the contrary, it is time to dream big and take every […]

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