A group of Dutch scientists determines that telling someone that an image is a work of art automatically changes their response on a neuronal and behavioral level. This is because we have an innate ability capable of generating form and meaning to the information that comes to us. Variables such as knowledge, meaning, experience, context, culture, and emotion trigger pleasure in the brain’s reward system. The ability for art to have an effect on us is unquestionable!

Art is the possibility of expression of each individual that is why training in all people produces in their personal and social development, especially because of the ability they have to enhance imagination and creativity, promoting self-esteem in the person and security internal to be able to go through difficult moments in life and to be able to break down barriers and prejudices on the way to personal success. Would you like to know the benefits of brain art? Surely this list of the benefits that art has for your brain will convince you.

Art stimulates creative thinking.

In art, there is no absolute answer. This type of original thinking stimulates the growth of new neurons in the brain by creating new connections between neurons. Art improves our problem-solving skills and stimulates the mind to seek unique and authentic solutions that do not necessarily conform to established norms.

Increase Self-esteem

Creative exercise generates a substance in the brain called dopamine which generates a feeling of reward or achievement and to experience it you don’t have to create a work like Leonardo da Vince’s; knitting, embroidery, graffiti, carpentry, gardening, or some kind of manual work helps your brain stay in good shape. This generates motivation and allows us to resist immediate urges to focus on our goals.

Just relax!

Hobbies like painting, sculpting, drawing, and taking pictures are hobbies that can help you feel more clear and calm. These types of activities give us a mental pause in which your ideas can flow more easily, generating pleasure and satisfaction.

Be a better student.

Through scientific studies carried out by magnetic resonance, it is confirmed that learning music or other forms of art stimulates learning in general, in part this is related to the blood flow that occurs when neuroplasticity is improved. On the other hand, taking visual arts classes also contributes to improving attention and IQ.

Art makes you a better person.

Art is one of the most entertaining and effective means to communicate and learn, using techniques such as painting, literature, and music create diversity, tolerance, and empathy. Art and culture increase harmony, tolerance, and understanding between people.

Understanding how to look at art allows us to make the most of the experience by keeping our brain active and engaged. Do not hesitate to start your creative process remember that:

“The expert in anything was once a beginner”

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